Basic vibrodamping material combining effective vibration-absorbing properties with a reasonable price. Foil 60 microns thick provides the flexibility of the material, that is necessary when facing irregular shapes. The universal thickness of material (2 mm) allows to treat all essential body parts – doors, trunk, roof, floor and hood.


Series of materials combining a high quality with a reasonable price. Three options of thickness permit to choose vibrodamping material in accordance with the treated car body component. The important vibration-absorbing properties are conditional on the improved formula of mastic layer, as well as on the embossed aluminum foil 100 microns thick, which reduces structure-borne noises.


The distinctive feature of the vibrodamping materials of this series is the top performance with a substantial weight reduction. One more peculiarity is its extra stickiness. The series Premium possesses the widest range of thicknesses and is designed for real connoisseurs of high auto music sound quality.



Sound and thermal insulation material. This is a light plastic material, which has a closed-cell structure, it doesn’t absorb moisture, being long-lasting. It provides perfect sound and thermal insulation of passenger compartment, permits to keep freshness for a long time in the heat, and warm when it is cold.

TempoFix F

This material is identical to the series Tempofix, its distinctive feature is a layer of aluminum foil from the outer side, that gives heat-reflecting properties to the material, and thus increases thermal and sound insolation effect.


Absorption of mid-range and high-frequency noises, as well as plastic covering consolidation of the passenger compartment are the main points of the SilenceFix material application. The sealing material is produced on the basis of polyurethane impregnated with a polymeric composition, it is self-adhesive and durable. It is easily deformed, compresses and restores its initial thickness. It is widely used as a sound-absorbing layer




It is mastic based on butyl rubber and designed to be used for anti-corrosion treatment of vehicles. It also possesses sound absorption and vibration damping properties. After drying it creates a firm protective layer on the treated surface which is resistant against mechanical impacts.


It is a sealing material to eliminate creaking and rattling of plastic parts of passenger compartment. It represents a tape of synthetic anti-wear fabric with a sticky layer. Applicable at junctions of components of passenger compartment.


СТК — is a stable and high-tech enterprise, it produces materials on the basis of rubber and other polymers. Our products have been widely applicable in automobile industry, car tuning.
The enterprise possesses the unique, self-engineered equipment, which provides a high rate of productivity, technical procedure mobility and consistent high quality of production.
Our modern scientific research laboratory works at the updating the produced materials and at the development of new products, as well as permanently controls the output quality.
Our complex of materials is one of the main components when installing auto media systems, to eliminate car vibrations and outside noise.
Our company takes an active part in the development of car audio sport, supports young sportsmen, and is the general sponsor of the car audio competitions EMMA UKRAINE and Car Emotion. CTK company does all its possible to make our sportsmen worldwide known!
We are open to cooperation!

Hi friends! We have a great news for you!
CTK company will take a part in EMMA CarmediaWorld 2018 in Salzburg, Austria  during  23-25 March 2018.  You are welcome  to visit our booth E 41 in  Hall 10 at the  SalzburgArena  and to get to know the full range of CTK products.  Exclusive distributorships are open in all countries where our brand is not present yet.  So we are looking forward to see you there and to discuss our future business.
See you soon  in Salzburg !



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